Suntana Plus

Drink Fresh Drink Nature. Imagine Oasis in the middle of the desert, that’s what Suntana is. Suntana fruit juice is another best – selling product of the company. It is currently among the highest selling fruit juice drink in Western and Southern African regions. Suntana fruit juice are produced from 100% fresh fruits grown in Thailand, and in order to distinguish our products from the market competition, we use only the fruits during its peak. No Preservatives & Gluten Free. Plus Signifies High amount of Vitamins with more natural ingredients and taste. Suntana plus is infused with High quantity of Vitamins A, C and E.

Suntana Pineapple Juice

Suntana Orange Juice

Suntana Lychee Juice


Suntana Mango Juice


Product Details

This is the newest edition to our fruit juice category. Suntana Plus with over 30% real fruit juice content has high vitamins sufficient for daily nourishments, and there are four favors such as Lychee, Mango, Pineapple and Orange.

Product Details

Packing and loading

Loading : SUNTANA Plus 250 ml. 24 x 3,100 Trays/20’FCL

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