Siam Rich

Siam Rich is our premium juice category made from real tropical fruits of Thailand. Siam Rich caters to premium markets in Asia, Europe and Americas.

The production process for Siam Rich is such that the original nutritious elements of the fruits are not lost during the process thus the consumer gets the equal benefit of consuming the actual fruit.

Siamrich Mangosteen Juice

Siamrich lychee Juice with lychee flesh Juice


Product Details

So grab yourself a can of Siam Rich tropical fruit juices guaranteed to surely worth every dime for your health and your taste buds.

Each can of Siam Rich contains 60% juice for Mangosteen and Lychee.

Product Details

Packing and loading

Loading : Mangosteen 12 x 4,200 CTN/20’FCL
Loading : Lychee 24 x 2,350 Trays/20’FCL